'MY NAME IS LILY' ( 2017) - Feature Film - pitching

‘My name is Lily’ is the true story about the power of one person’s will to overcome the past.

Fiction Drama based on a true story.

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It is 1954 in South Vietnam and the brutal war of Indochina has
seemingly ended. Aside from the cultural, geographic, political
and humanitarian devastation that is evident at every turn,
there occurs another cruel cost of war.
Thousands of mixed-raced children, born of men serving in
the French army and their Vietnamese women are left in the
aftermath. With fathers who are either dead, departed or
simply unknown, they are left with mothers who are shrouded in
persecution. These children are something the people left behind
can’t abide.
They are rejected by both Vietnamese and French alike,
representing the thing that each side despises.
Lily is one such child. A métis. A problem and outcast.
Like many other children of her kind, she is wrestled from her
mother and readied to be taken to an orphanage in Lyon, France.
At the age of only seven, Lily is taken in convoy by plane to
a village close to the Swiss border. She is stripped of any
belongings, identity and of course her mother’s love.
Under a harsh regime, she, and others like her, is forced to
start a strict new life where her native language is forbidden.
Siblings are separated. Life as these children know it has
been ripped up and the new horizon is frightening and full of
Like many others, and at the age of only ten years old,
Lily tries to escape back to her native land and her mother.
She flees the tyrannical orphanage to Marseille in the hope that
stowing away on a ship from Marseille’s port will take her back
home and wake her from her nightmare. This and other plans of
escape fail and the resulting punishment is severe.

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At the age of seventeen, she is moved to a girl’s home in Paris.
It is here that she achieves a little more freedom than she has been
used to. Lily has blossomed into an unusually beautifully young woman.
Like many of the other girls she has grown up with in the orphanages,
she is naive to the kind of society she now finds herself in,
and vulnerable to the advances of Parisian men...

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Original story by Aurélia Marine

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